With acoustic warning signal

According to health and safety regulations for operation of a vacuum cleaner, the air flow in the hose must always be at least 20 m/s to ensure that dust is fully transported to the container. This function must be controlled and an acoustic or visual warning signal must occur when it falls under the minimum requirement.

The patented “FlowSensor” technology, used in all Nilfisk-ALTO H and M class and TYPE 22 vacuum cleaners electronically measures air flow directly with the use of two thermal gates. Consequently, air flow can be exactly determined in all operating conditions - regardless of the use of suction hoses with different diameters and/or power supply fluctuation. Air flow can even be measured accurately if speed control is used to reduce suction power, for example to prevent a sander attaching to a surface by suction.

• Higher work safety with steady air speed
• Longer life and less maintenance through electronic components
• Reliable technology even with power supply fluctuation and/or hoses with different diameters
• Alarm signal activates when needed - not before